About Us

Our Story


The design concept for Tidy Desk was developed to solve a growing problem I saw while I was head of design and operations for a commercial office furniture design manufacturer. After designing and upgrading thousands of people with sit-to-stand desk systems, the great excitement to be healthier and more productive was hampered by new problems.


People were getting hurt bending down from a standing position to a low storage pedestal. Since it was inconvenient to reach, people simply piled up more clutter on the desktop and compromised on the space they needed to work productively and ergonomically. Compounded with smaller desk installations and working with more devices than ever before, the open desk environment deteriorated into a demotivating, undesirable place that forced people to minimize their work tools and reduce personal affects--leaving the desk to be cold and impersonal.


The results are causing more people to spend less time at their desks, and finding greater productivity at a cafe table or a lounge. But this trend is at the cost of hunching our backs over small laptop screens, sitting longer on non-ergonomic chairs, and working longer hours to compensate the loss of productivity a properly organized desk typically provides. If we can't perform well at a desk that we're expected to work 5+ hours a day, there's no doubt that a bad desk environment contributes to our decline in employee engagement and rising turn-over rates.


Tidy Desk was born to provide larger workspaces in the face of shrinking real estate, a complete set of ergonomics for the multiple devices we use today to improve overall health, and to empower us to create a personal, organized, and uplifting environment for ourselves--even if our company isn't ready to purchase one for everyone yet.


We once had such pride and identity with our desks. Clients, teammates, and even our children got glimpses of our professional personality, our sense of prestige and belonging within the company, and how we live in our home away from home. With Tidy Desk, we hope you and others can rediscover that and how well you can feel and work by working at a great desk environment.