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Tidy Desk

  • Tidy Desk vertically expands any desk into productive, healthy and professional workspaces.

  • Features:

    • Large 17" wide Desktop Drawer
    • 5 Organizing Shelves
    • 4 Tuckaway Storage Bays
    • Height Adjustable Monitor Riser
    • Universal Ergonomic Work Stand - Stands up your smartphone, tablet PC, keyboard and/or book.
    • Advanced Power and Wire Management
  • Play video below with sound:

  • Dimensions: 46" wide, 20" height, 15" depth.
    Weight: 35 lbs
    Made in the U.S.A.

    What's included:

    Tidy Desk - Front View

    Tidy Desk - Rear View

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Michael K.
Coral Springs, FL

Perfect Organizer/Cable Management System

I have yet to see a product like this on the market, so when i stumbled across the ad i had an instant interest. I ended up ordering the Tidy Desk system with an additional two monitor arms for work purposes. What I love about my new setup: 1. The Tidy Desk and monitor arms lift all of my monitors off the desk creating instant space that i did not have as well as bringing the monitors up to eye level. 2. Gives me a vertical organizer to store my pictures, speakers, and other random items 3. Monitor arms and tidy desk gives me a great cable management system to hide monitor cables, power strips, usb hub, etc.. 4. The drawer in front has a lip which allows me to keep my phone/tablet to stand perfectly on. The drawer inside also allows me to store all of my charging cables; they thought of everything as there is space to run cables from the storage behind the front monitor through the drawer right to your phone/tablet without wire visibility. I also just want to note that it was a pleasure doing business with Dave as he answered any questions/concerns i had regarding the product via live chat, e-mails, and phone conversations. The products were shipped in a timely manner and packaged very well. The only critical feedback would be that my 2nd and 3rd monitor block some of the shelving space that others may use to store different items, the storage space is still there for me however it is just blocked by the monitors. (I knew this going into purchasing it). I love it so far and would recommend purchasing this product for your home office without a doubt!

Tidy Desk
Renee W., North America Workplace Operations Manager for a 6500 person corporation

Best use of space EVER!

In the current world of very limited desk space in open office environments, this new vertical way of improving the benching environment making it simultaneously much more useful while much more attractive, is nothing short of genius! It hides cords, provides storage space, it has a sleek, modern look that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. It blocks the view of my neighbor in a way that is non-imposing for both of us and it makes me want to leave my space looking clean and tidy every day. It is a boon! I am a very happy camper.

Tidy DeskTidy Desk
Barbara M., Facilities Manager for a 120 person company in San Francisco


I have been doing administrative support work for 30 years and while I'm a real pro at my job, my biggest weak spot has always been my desk appearance - papers, ink pens, etc., strewn around, and has always given the impression that I was not nearly as organized as I am. I've tried about every "desk organizer" that has come down the trail and while I might experience temporary success, none of them permanently solved my issue. Welcome Tidy Desk!! This wonderful (and attractive) desktop companion was installed about 2 weeks ago and my desk now seems to be permanently organized, and my desk is beautiful to behold. Best yet, my desk reflects that I am a top notch professional. Thank you Noki Works for the most wonderful invention!

Tidy DeskTidy Desk
Ann V
San Francisco, CA

Its like getting a whole new desk!

My desk is so small that I don't have much room for anything. With Tidy Desk, I now have room to work and feel like I have a real working desk. I couldn't possibly imagine going back to my old setup.

Tidy DeskTidy Desk
Carmella C
San Francisco, CA

Simply awesome!

I love it! Tidy Desk lets me put everything closer to me and clears up more of my desk. I feel better organized throughout the day.

Tidy DeskTidy Desk